Institute Dr. Foerster is the world leader in the field of non-destructive material testing. We present the company's new modular exhibition concept.

The idea: The new trade fair stand with its contemporary and flexible design combines all important aspects such as branding, optimal product presentation, visitor support and advice on a compact area. The front part of the structure serves as a stage for the product presentation, in the background is the comfort area for customer service.

The design: The structure is immediately perceived by the eye. The platform floor and the striking roof system form the horizontal, the wall panels arranged in between connect the floor with the ceiling as a vertical. The wall panels are variable in height and can be equipped with different surfaces, graphic and media components, as can the interior and exterior walls of the exhibition stand. The rooms are covered with carpet, the floor in the exhibit area is designed as a system platform with reusable covering plates. All necessary lighting concepts can be realized by the likewise systematized ceiling.

Variations: The architectural concept with its modular design and reusable components is particularly suitable for adaptation to different trade fair locations and stand sizes. In recent years, stand areas of 60 to over 90 square meters have been realized with this concept:

Conference room of a trade fair booth made of Mila-wall wall modules
Exhibition stand made of Mila-wall wall modules and floor tiles

Mila-wall wall modules in horizontal cassette design with an overall height of four metres and wall modules with integrated LED technology are used. The surfaces are covered with foil in a noble metallic look, and the floor coverings are made of stainless steel.

Exterior view of a trade fair booth with Mila-wall technology
Entrance area of a trade fair booth with Mila-wall technology
Interior view of a trade fair booth with Mila-wall technology