Social commitment

Every year we support non-profit organizations and associations. In the past years, our financial support has regularly gone to the following social institutions:

Support association for children with cancer

The association is particularly dedicated to psychosocial aftercare. In addition to caring for the affected children, parents and relatives are also supported in coming to terms with their difficult experiences. Especially the common exchange about the traumatic experiences of this disease is an important help. You can find more information about the Association for the Support of Children with Cancer here:

Child Protection Association Reutlingen

The Child Protection Association of our hometown Reutlingen celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2014. The local association works according to the guiding principles of "understanding instead of condemning" and "helping instead of indifference". The focus is on improving the living conditions for children and families. You can find information about the work of the Kinderschutzbund Ortsverband Reutlingen e.V. here:

SOS Children's Villages worldwide

330 million children worldwide are growing up in poverty. Often as orphans. The SOS Children's Villages are active on all continents in 133 countries. With kindergartens, schools and training centres, the facilities create perspectives for children from socially disadvantaged families. Building and strengthening the affected regions should enable help to help themselves and create a long-term improvement in living conditions. You can read more about the SOS Children's Villages here:

Premature infants e.V. Reutlingen

The association has been supporting the intensive care unit of the Clinic for Children's and Youth Medicine at the Klinikum am Steinberg in Reutlingen since 1995. By now 130 members support parents and families of prematurely born children. The focus of the work is on improving outpatient care and the aftercare model "Unser Sonnenschein". Under the following link you can learn more:

Friends of St. Camille e.V. / MuSeele e.V.

In the villages of West Africa, mentally ill people are locked away - out of fear of demons, out of helplessness, out of financial need. The state psychiatric care is miserable.
For the exhibition "Chain people - from dealing with mentally ill people in West Africa" in the Göppingen Museum of Psychiatry, we provided our universally applicable Mila-wall wall modules. With a plain white surface foil, the large-format, expressive photos are perfectly in the foreground.


We have been working together with the workshops of the Bruderhaus Diakonie Reutlingen for over 20 years now. The workshops meet our high quality standards and have thus become an important and reliable partner for us. We are pleased that we can support disabled and disadvantaged people in the region through this cooperation.