for exhibition stand construction

With Mila-wall, we combine high quality with reusability, thus creating an excellent price-performance ratio. The wall elements are inexpensive in the truest sense of the word, because they are worth their price.

Their extreme durability ensures that your investment pays off. The purchase usually pays for itself after the fourth assembly - but we also know of wall elements that have been assembled dozens of times and are still perfect. This way not only are resources saved, but also the budget.

Inspiration trade fair construction

Modular exhibition stands do not have to look like modular exhibition stands

Our Mila-wall movable walls are used all over the world for exhibition stand construction - from France to the USA and from Germany to Abu Dhabi. A selection:

Euroshop 2020

At Euroshop, we are our own booth builders: The approximately 60 m² booth at the international trade show combines Mila-wall wall modules of various heights with special modules such as acoustic and LED modules, magnetic walls and interactive sound modules. MBA provides a brief insight into the possibilities of the Mila-wall system, including its surface program.

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The contemporary and flexibly designed new exhibition stand for Institute Dr. Foerster combines all important aspects such as branding, optimal product presentation, visitor support and advice on a compact area.

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Intech Busworld

The Intech subsidiary e-troFit GmbH presented the conversion solution from diesel to electric drive for buses and trucks at Busworld Europe 2019 in Brussels, which was awarded the German Mobility Prize.

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Bose Corporation

The Bose brand is well known to all lovers of good sound. The new presentation kit is intended to visualize the high quality of Bose products, while at the same time consistently pursuing the idea of sustainability. This is why MBA was chosen.

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Excellent Design.

Mila-wall wall modules

Mila-wall exhibition walls are aesthetic, sustainable and economical. Our kind of modular construction is architecture with the wall in its purest form.

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Again and again and again and again.

Mila-wall uses a patented joining technique that allows finished wall modules to be joined together in the shortest possible time to form spatial structures. Again and again.

Good conversations need a relaxed environment.

Mila-wall Acoustic

Our new, sound-absorbing exhibition walls from the Mila-wall series combine aesthetic wall design with significant acoustic improvements. No other wall with this wall thickness reduces reverberation better than Mila-wall Acoustic.

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Your ears will make eyes.

Mila-wall Sound

Sound installations can now be integrated directly into exhibitions and presentations without the usual visible speakers. Instead, the "sound source" remains completely invisible.

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