Everything in the green area

Our hometown Reutlingen is located in a Unesco biosphere reserve. As a resident company, we are naturally delighted about this special status and have always placed great value on making our contribution to sustainability and environmental protection. The sustainability of our products consists of two essential aspects: Service life and production processes.

More persistent than the longest term

In 1993 the then Federal Minister Rita Süßmuth opened an exhibition. In contrast to the minister, the wall modules are still in use.

Sustainable production

It is not our claim to produce cheaply, but to manufacture high-quality products and at the same time to assume our responsibility in the area of environmental awareness. The sparing use of resources and minimal risks for people and the environment are among the basic principles of our business decisions and are defined as clear corporate goals.

For the production of Mila-wall wall modules, we use energy-saving cold pressing technology.

Our adhesives contain no toxic solvents and the surfaces are completely free of heavy metals. So you won't find so-called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in our products.

For the production of our aluminium frames we have been able to increase the proportion of recycled aluminium to 10%. The grey cardboard honeycombs we use are already made of a pleasing 100% recycled material.

Sustainable use

Unfortunately, many exhibition walls are still made of pressboard and frame legs and simply thrown away after use. Mila-wall, on the other hand, can still be used, flexibly rearranged, redesigned, re-coated with different surfaces, or painted in different colours.

The individual components can be easily disposed of or recycled.

Our walls are shipped to their places of use in special Mila-wall transport containers, without any unnecessary packaging waste.

MBA products are associated with higher acquisition costs. We make no secret of this and we stand by it. But thanks to their longevity and flexibility, this investment pays for itself after just a few uses. This results not only in ecological but also in economic advantages.