Museum Schnütgen Köln

Schnutgen Museum

The Schnutgen Museum in Cologne shows Christian art of the middle ages and its collection and research is considered a significant Institute for the research of the middle ages.

Cologne masterpieces from the great collections of the world.
Cologne was one of the largest cities in Europe in the middle ages, influential and widely networked, a pulsating destination and trade center. This is reflected in the art: Cologne was one of the leading art centers of Europe in its heyday from 1000 to 1550. In Exchange with Paris, Prague, the Netherlands and Italy, the local Masters developed a typical Cologne artificial language. The exhibition explores a span of over 500 years of Cologne medieval art development.
For the design, Mila-wall series 100, 3m height modules were used.  By incorporating wall modules with cut-outs, interesting perspectives were achieved.  The snippets were also used in exhibits including stained-glass windows in this case.


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Modules and features

  • Modules with cut-outs and posters with cut-outs in the stained-glass Windows
  • Height 3 m