Plastic Omnium

Plastic Omnium

The architectural and design concept for the IAA 2013 was based on the concept of portraying Plastic Omnium as a leading, innovative and globally-operating automotive supplier. With this aim in mind, the stand was divided into two main areas – a public and a private area. These two zones were separated by a distinctive floor-to-ceiling façade, the central feature of which defines its special graphic identity: brand logo and media information via monitors and split screens. The sanded window permits a first glimpse of the “PO laboratory” in the private area, thus making the presentation more attractive and generating a special quality.

In its “continents”, the so-called “islands”, in the public area display the diversity of products already produced within the global activities of the group. A dynamic yellow printed path along the “islands” guides the visitor through the product world, finishing up at the manned entrance to the private area, the laboratory.

In the inner private area of the stand, which houses the lounge area, meeting rooms, kitchen, etc., the path continues on its way through the “laboratory” and introduces the customers to the future technologies still in the development stage – Plastic Omnium’s “Vision 2020”.

Here, in a circular structure arranged around a central exhibit, the various technologies are demonstrated on so-called “techno bricks”, graphically elaborated upon and then explained by the development engineer himself.

The structural realization of the stand provides an impressive demonstration of how a combination of system components – MBA – and individual elements, can result in a very design-oriented and sustainable exhibition concept.


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Modules and features

  • Mila-wall radius curved modules, as well as radius curved bar on modular basis
  • Surfaces in fine structure design and wood grain
  • Interactive wall module with speaker and sensor technology
  • Large printed flooring
  • Modular product displays
  • Height 4 m and 3 m