Mila-wall Sound interaktiv

Mila-wall sound interactive

The new interactive sound wall can be equipped with built-in speakers and invisible sensors. These sensors react to movement or touch. The sensors are prompted by a mini computer, controlling the audio output that is stored in MP3 files on a compact flash memory card. In addition, the touch-sensitive sensors can be used for controlling the volume.
Up to 16 sensors per wall are possible. These can be freely placed on the wall surface and are not visible from the outside. Similar to a touch screen surface, touching the wall prompts text or music. Increase the attractiveness of your exhibition with interactive sound walls.

New: It can include a 19 "LCD display flush mounted into the wall.

Focus open award
The Mila-wall module construction technique is simple, quick and creative. With completely finished wall modules, modular space structures without visible connections arise in a short time. Ideal for temporary exhibitions in museums. Panels with interactive multimedia technology are new, integrating loudspeakers into 40 mm thick walls.
MBA was awarded the coveted international design prize for outstanding achievements for "Mila-wall LCD interactive sound wall". The underlying design criteria being quality, functionality, innovation, ergonomics, product graphics, ecological characteristics and value.
MBA has already received several international design awards for innovation, design and quality.

Innovation Award
Mila-wall sound received the Innovation Prize in the architecture and presentation category.

New & innovative
Touch sensors invisibly integrated into the wall.

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