Mila-wall Modulbautechnik

For trade fairs, exhibitions and museums

Architecture with pure wall. Mila-wall, the repairable long term product. More air than wall, Mila-wall wall modules are so light they can be erected easily in any size by two people. The aluminum frame of Mila-wall 100 series stabilizes the wall and protects the edges from damage – guaranteeing durability and reusability. If particularly heavy exhibits are to be fixed on the walls, modules with solid wood blocking are available.

Wall modules containing windows are particularly suitable for meeting rooms, reception rooms, museum shops and showcases. For galleries, museums, art fairs and exhibitions Mila-wall is available with an interior nailable core.

MBA holds the patents and intellectual property rights on Mila-wall in North America, Japan, China, Europe and South American countries.

Series wall thickness high edge protection suspension technology compatibility
Mila-wall Series 100 40 mm up to 3,5* Aluminium Tongue & Groove Series 200, 300
Mila-wall Series 160 60 mm up to 3,5 Aluminium Tongue & Groove  
Mila-wall Series 400 40 mm up to 3,5 Wood Roto-Lock  
Mila-wall Series 660 60 mm up to 3,5 Wood Tongue & Groove  
Mila-wall Series 840 40 mm up to 3,5 Wood Tongue & Groove  
Mila-wall B1 40 mm up to 2,5° Aluminium Tongue & Groove Series 100

* can be stacked up to 6 m
° can be stacked up to 5 m

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