City Essence – five cities on a night in one night

Sustainable and modular construction with Mila-wall of MBA

One evening in late September, over 200 guests accepted MBA's invitation to Stuttgart for an unusual journey into five cities. The visitors - especially designers, architects and creative types - were able to see how architects Atelier Brucker, Atelier Markgraph and Holzer Kobler, as well as retail brand company Liganova and the designers of Tamschick Media + Space, envisioned the cities of Budapest, Istanbul, Copenhagen, London and Paris. Phoenix Hall in Stuttgart was transformed into a sensory multimedia scene, showcasing five different and exciting installations.


MBA Stadtgeflüster

Stadtgeflüster Budapest

MBA Stadtgeflüser Paris

MBA Stadtgeflüster London

MBA Stadtgeflüster Kopenhagen

MBA Stadtgeflüster Istanbul

Modules and features

  • Mila-wall sound walls
  • Mila-wall serie 100

Additional information

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