Purist lines following the trade show booth stand idea were realized by MBA at the Exponatec Museum exhibition. The 15 degree rotation of the rear wall and thebooth elements give the architecture an additional momentum.

The clear visual concept supports "Unobtrusiveness is an art" with the pure and neutral modular wall at the heart of the motto. 55 Inch LED screens and sound are unobtrusively integrated into wall modules.

Changing light colors using Mila-wall LED modules ensures a pleasant lighting atmosphere.  With iPads that are integrated directly into the wall modules, visitors can interactively learn about projects. Furthermore, alarm walls and sound walls were demonstrated to visitors at the booth.


Exponatec 2011 2

Exponatec 2011 3

Exponatec 2011 4

Exponatec 2011 5

Exponatec 2011 6

Exponatec 2011 7

Exponatec 2011 8

Modules and features

  • LED wall modules
  • 55 Inch LED screen integrated into sound wall
  • iPad walls
  • Alarm walls