Euroshop 2011


The MBA Design & Display Product GmbH booth at the international leading trade fair for presentation systems and exhibitions "Euro Shop" in Düsseldorf was a crowd pleaser. Following a clear visual concept, the company set their own product classics - flexible partition walls - innovatively and effectively in the scene. Comprised of Mila-wall modules, the architectural system rose to a towering height of six meters, establishing the framework for new surfaces and textile coverings.

The viewer received a feast for the eye, as new structure surface coverings were introduced. For special optical accents the newly developed Mila-wall LED walls refined the simple architecture with color.  Mila-wall interactive sound wall, for which MBA was awarded the IF design award, qualified the Swabian company as a supplier of sustainable holistic concepts for visual and aural experiences. To demonstrate how fast a booth is formed by individual modules, MBA demonstrated (by time lapse video) a behind the scenes look. The "design in action" short film idea was a crowd pleaser.


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Modules and features

  • Wall modules stacked in 6 m height
  • LED walls
  • Sound walls
  • Interactive sound walls
  • Modular wall modules as ceiling element