MBA Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Everthing in the green area

Our hometown of Reutlingen is located in a UNESCO biosphere reserve. As a company we are of course happy about this status and we place great value in our contribution to sustainability and environmental protection. The sustainability of our products is it composed of two essential aspects: service life and production processes.

Sustainable production

We do not claim to produce an inexpensive product, but rather to produce high-quality products with an aim to maintaining environmental awareness and responsibility. The sparing use of resources and minimum risks for humans and the environment are among the founding principles of our business decisions and are defined as clear business goals.

We use an energy saving cold pressing technique in the production of Mila-wall. Our adhesives contain no toxic solvents and the surfaces are completely free of heavy metals. You won't find so called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in our products. We also use every opportunity to manufacture with recycled material. We have already raised our percentage of recycled aluminum in the production of our aluminum frames to 10%. The grey cardboard honeycomb's used in production are 100% recycled material.

Sustainable use

Unfortunately, many exhibition walls still made of particle board and frame legs are built and simply thrown away after use. Mila-wall, however, can continue to be used, reconfigured and refreshed with new surface coverings or paint.  In addition, we refrain from unnecessary packaging waste. Our walls are delivered in special Mila-wall transport containers.

MBA products are associated with higher cost. We make no secret about this. However, due to their durability and flexibility, this investment pays off after only a few appearances. The resulting benefit is not only environmentally responsible, but also economically sound.