Museum of Archaeology in Herne

With its unique concept and design, the National Museum of Westphalia is one of the most modern archaeological museums in Europe. Located In the underground exhibition hall, a so-called excavation landscape is built on the model of an archaeological dig. It tells the story of the people of Westphalia - from the first traces 250,000 years ago until today.

Mila-wall exhibition building with wall modules at different heights in the Museum of Archaeology Herne
Mila-wall wall corpus in the museum for archaeology Herne
Exhibition room with Mila-wall technology in an exhibition at the Herne Museum of Archaeology

As part of the special exhibition "Hilm Boeckmann - Retrospective", 2.5 m, 3 m and 3.5 m high Mila-wall modules create an attractive interior. This temporary exhibition spaces were the basis for an impressive demonstration of the reverberation reduction realized with acoustic walls from the Mila-wall Acoustic series. In a simulation of the Fraunhofer IBP, normal Mila-wall partitions were compared with Mila-wall Acoustic. The noise reduction is clearly audible. Results can be found in the graphs below. An acoustic comparison is available on the product site of the acoustic wall and in the video below.

Mila-wall exhibition wall with exhibit and lighting in the Museum of Archaeology Herne
Mila-wall freestanding exhibition walls in the Museum of Archaeology Herne
Mila-wall exhibition rooms in the wide angle of the Museum of Archaeology Herne