MBA Stadtgeflüster

Sustainable and modular construction with Mila-wall from MBA

More than 200 guests followed the invitation of MBA to Stuttgart for an unusual trip to five metropolises, in one evening, in one city. The visitors - mainly designers and creative people - experienced in the atmospheric Phoenixhalle of the Römerkastell how Atelier Brückner, Atelier Markgraph, Holzer Kobler Architekturen, BrandRetail Company Liganova and the designers of Tamschick Media+Space staged the cities of Budapest, Istanbul, Copenhagen, London, and Paris as walk-in and multimedia installations. The successful evening finally turned the "city whisper" into a "city talk".

Mila-wall wall corpus with radius modules at MBA Stadtgeflüster
Two guests in conversation at MBA Stadtgeflüster

The evening was an impressive demonstration of the design possibilities of a modular wall system: every city has its own flair, its own language, its own colouring - its very special something, its "city whisper". Each city consists of the same building modules: buildings, streets, squares, green spaces. And yet all cities are also unique - shaped by their history, culture, inhabitants and atmosphere. Up to 80 percent of the "building genes" of the installations were the same, and yet each installation was unique.

Mila-wall construction with seating area and lighting at MBA Stadtgeflüster
Pavilion of Mila-wall wall modules

The basic component of all installations was the mila-wall, which was used in various shapes and sizes, with different surfaces but also with integrated sound modules or interactive elements. These modules were supplemented by a few special components, most of which were also manufactured in MBA's workshops in Reutlingen.

Assembly with Mila-wall wall corpus at MBA Stadtgeflüster
Construction with red Mila-wall wall modules
Mila-wall wall modules and shelves at MBA Stadtgeflüster