The Intech subsidiary e-troFit GmbH presented the conversion solution from diesel to electric drive for buses and trucks at Busworld Europe 2019 in Brussels. The central exhibit - a low-floor bus of the type "Citaro C1" converted by e-trofit - was staged on a 270 m² stand area of the Intech group of companies.

Intech exhibition stand made of Mila-wall wall modules with counter and tables

The rear of the stand formed a generous background with clear lines: Mila-wall wall modules mounted on hairline joints up to six metres high with invisible connection technology and exchangeable foil surfaces. The diagonal arrangement on the stand space dissolved the rectangular basic shape and created a strong dynamic. The stand design represented a stylized bus stop including a bus stop where the converted bus "parks" as an exhibit for visitors.

Exhibition stand made of Mila-wall wall modules and floor panels

The adjacent "street café", elevated on a large trapezoidal platform and separated from the bus stop area by parapet elements covered with green plants, invites the visitor to linger, and advisory discussions can also take place here. The use of light and darker surfaces as well as wood laminate flooring in the suspended ceiling frame in the catering area creates individual zones for orientation, information and encounters, including catering.

Mila-wall wall modules with stable aluminum frames in combination with individually manufactured special components were used.

Intech booth made of Mila-wall seating