Home office kit SCENARIO

Privacy screen and sound absorber for your home office

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Our home office kit SCENARIO is a symbiosis of several functions that make working in your home office as comfortable as possible. The walls, which can be erected within a few minutes, act on the one hand as a visual screen against disturbing glances as well as distractions and on the other hand improve the acoustics, if you use the sound-absorbing kit variant.

No tools. No time. No problem.

From unpacking to using our home office kit, you only need five minutes - and no tools at all. Sturdy plug-in connectors are used to connect the individual wall modules. By the way, thanks to the freely adjustable angle, you are extremely flexible when placing the walls. The system can be infinitely adjusted to your wishes and needs - even if it is already fully assembled. But not only the angular position gives you freedom, also the rollers of the kit allow an individual placement of SCENARIO without complicated handling.

The plug-in system of the Scenario home office kit in detail.

The honeycomb core filling used in the wall modules favors the lightness of the individual components. As a result, all elements are particularly easy to handle and can easily be plugged together by a single person. The fact that the construction is nevertheless sufficiently stable is ensured by the cover plates made of Microspan. In cross-section, this results in a wall thickness of 25 mm.

Thanks to this processing, the wall modules of the SCENARIO home office kit are particularly sustainable and, with the right handling, will last a lifetime.

Full concentration for work

Even if you have to plug something in here and there when setting up our home office kit SCENARIO - time is not an issue. The intuitive plug-in system helps you spend your precious minutes and equally valuable concentration on what really counts: Getting the work at hand done in peace.

Can be used everywhere

The home office kit can be used almost anywhere thanks to its perfect dimensions and flexible angles. As a privacy screen, it offers the highest possible level of support for concentrated, undisturbed work and takes up very little space.

Sketch of the Scenario Homeoffice-Kit, size comparison with dimensions

Adapts to your home office

The SCENARIO home office kit is available in two versions. You can decide which one suits you better depending on your desired focus of use:

Privacy screen variant

This version serves as a privacy screen to better separate you from your surroundings and allow you to work undisturbed. The kit is therefore particularly suitable for hiding disturbing elements in the environment. The surface of the wall modules is white, but company branding can be added on request.

Acoustic variant

By using perforated surfaces, these wall modules absorb sound. Thanks to this perceptible acoustic absorption effect, this variant is particularly suitable for brightly lit apartments and for frequent telephone calls and video calls.

Plug and place

Thanks to the quick assembly and disassembly of the SCENARIO home office kit, the wall modules can be conveniently disassembled after your workday and stored in a space-saving manner. Unlike the structural elements of other privacy screens, the optimal size of our connectors and rollers ensures that they are always easy to find. And if you can't find one of the elements, we'll be happy to help you out with a replacement.

Work without distraction

Sound absorbing walls

A perforated surface made of many small holes is the only thing that distinguishes our visual protection variant from the acoustic one. However, these holes have it in them, because sound is simply swallowed by them and disappears. The finesse behind this, however, remains a secret of our engineers.

The Scenario home office kit from MBA in the acoustic variant.
The MBA logo is applied to the Scenario home office kit.

For employers and employees

Productivity and well-being

Our home office kit SCENARIO is not only ideal for employers who want to offer their employees a better workplace atmosphere and thus a higher sense of well-being, but is also suitable for employees who notice that their productivity in the home office has decreased.

In both cases, we look forward to hearing from you so that we can provide you with a no-obligation quote.