Company history

Roll-of color

In 1975, MBA introduced the milament film. The self-adhesive film with low-reflection surface embossing revolutionized the design of surfaces. Instead of having to paint, varnish or wallpaper walls, solely one film had to be stuck on. Just five years later, MBA had sold more than a million square meters of milament film worldwide. At the time, customers could choose from a color spectrum of more than 30 colors - now there are 175.

Parallel to the milament film, MBA offered coated ready-to-install carrier plates. Those were compatible with all trade fair systems on the market. MBA later developed the honeycomb elements from those carrier plates.

Worldwide expansion

In 1987, MBA founded a US subsidiary in Exton, Pennsylvania. MBA-USA quickly developed into a well-known supplier of self-adhesive films and still serves customers in trade fair and exhibition construction today.

In 1990 MBA introduced the Mila-wall. Then as now, the system combined high aesthetics and flexibility with fast assembly and disassembly and could be reused in the long term. These aspects also convinced ART Frankfurt and MBA won the tender of the art fair. It was the first large order – consisting of 6000 wall modules. In the following years, the modular wall system with its surrounding aluminum frame was continuously expanded and optimized. This resulted not only in a repertoire of different Mila-wall systems, but also in an extensive catalogue of accessories.

International and national awards

In 2014, MBA developed the Mila-wall Acoustic together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. Thanks to its microfine perforation, it can reliably absorb sound. In the following years, the wall was awarded international design prizes.

A national prize followed in 2017 with the German Brand Award. MBA won the award for special brand management.


Today MBA is active worldwide with its subsidiaries and partners. The company's core competence is the development and production of sustainable and design-oriented wall systems and self-adhesive surfaces. Due to the growing demand for modular and reusable wall systems with high aesthetics, MBA now serves target groups from museums, trade fair construction, art fairs and offices. However, MBA is at home wherever high-quality design on a modular basis is required.

To this day, the rainbow in the MBA logo symbolizes the variety of colors and products available from MBA. Our goal remains the same: to create high-quality emotional spaces that fascinate and inspire people. At the same time, we want to conserve resources for future generations with modern products that can be reused in the long term.