Desa Unicum

Desa Unicum Auction House

The new headquarters of the Desa Unicum Auction House has been built in the heart of Warsaw. DESA Unicum is the market leader in the Polish auction market with a market share of 60 percent. The architecture of the new building combines the peculiarity of the location with its function as an art auction house. The dimension and design is unique compared to other international houses. The bright and transparent rooms create an exciting and at the same time pleasant atmosphere to buy works of art and as a meeting point for the international art scene. The shape of the building is so well thought-out that it blends in harmoniously with its surroundings while attracting attention and providing ample space for exhibitions and art.

The central part of the building is the 600 sqm exhibition hall, where advance booking exhibitions take place. On average, the exhibition is changed every two weeks. The changeable exhibition system Mila-wall Series 100 is used here: 300 partition walls in different heights of up to 3.5 metres adapt like a chameleon to the new requirements of the respective painting collections. The successful, high-quality aesthetics and, of course, the simple and quick assembly of the modules are equally appreciated.

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Modules and features

  • Mila-wall series 100
  • Different heights up to 3.5 m, nailable