System meets creativity

Many planners are opposed to systemic building because they believe it restricts their creativity. Quite the opposite is true: The ingenious modular construction of Mila-wall shows that creativity and the use of standard elements can still fit together. Using a mixed construction of standard elements and custom-made components, a unique, modular and sustainable result can still be achieved. In addition, Mila-wall offers not only walls, but also sound, LED, multimedia, curved modules, etc, etc.
MBA provides a turnkey solution, offering everything from a single source. From tender, to analyzing which parts can be built in a reusable system, through project completion and installation. You provide the design and we do the rest!


This is the model of a spatial installation by Holzer Kobler architects. The installation was at the event "Stadtgeflüster", utilizing a mixed construction of standard elements and custom-made components.

Further advantages