The Bose brand is synonymous with good sound. The new presentation kit not only had to help the audience visualize the high quality of Bose products, but also to simultaneously pursue sustainability. For these reasons, the task fell to MBA. The requirement was to design a booth in keeping with the corporate image that looked appealing, while still being modular. For if the elements could be used several times, the kit would be both sustainable and economically viable in the longer term.

The basis of the design is, first and foremost, in keeping with the slant of the Bose logo. Secondly, the use of strict horizontal joints in the wall design, creates the clarity and quality relationship in Bose products.

All components of the presentation, including walls, space sequences, presentation counter, information counter graphic surfaces, media surfaces and lighting were developed based on these two basic elements. The vehicles are integrated into the booth, and as with all other components, make for a high quality and strong visual presence. In addition, the gray and white color scheme identifies the significant and unique Bose world.

The completely modular and sustainable design, based on the Mila-wall series 100, allows it to adapt to different spatial situations in which Bose may present themselves.

Bose 2
Bose 3
Bose 4
Bose 5
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Bose 8
Bose 9
Bose 10
Bose 11
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Modules and features

  • Individual 1200 x 2500 mm Mila-wall wall modules
  • Surface coverings adapted to Bose corporate colors
  • 1200 x 1200 mm base modules tailored to joint line of the wall modules, framed by stainless steel edges with no visible screws
  • Furniture in keeping with the Bose design, including storage and literature space
  • LED light modules mounted on walls for the illumination of exhibits and panels